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action from the courts to keep the law from taking effect barely a month from now. he's the greatest tcher e hanyon ever had. if he's as good of a caregiver as he was as a teacher, god is in his heaven and all right in the world. is law needs to be changed now so his wife can cast her vote nnsylvan v.otheregisred at's "hardball" for now. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. thanks, chris. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, oops, he did it again. there's a new secret mt ro vithurd today. this one comes from his years running bain capital and mr. romney's language in the video, once againjust leaves you scratching your head. the same man who said corporions are peop who made al $10, bet with another candidate. the question is, just who is
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this guy? who wants to lead our nation. mother jones magazine obtained the video. it shows romney ba in 1985 ewedhe companies it was supposedly helping. >> bain capital is an investment partnership which was formed to invest in, startup companies and ongoing companies than to take an active hand in maning them and hopefully five toht yeto harvest them at a significant profit. >> harvest these companies for a profit. that was romney's goal in business. to harvest companies the way you harvest organs, the way you harvest crs. ave stalks but we now know this is mitt romney's world view. the world view we only see behind closed doors when he thinks we're not stening. it's what we saw on that secret
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video where romney said, 47% of amansaw tels victims. today the obama campaign released a devastating new ad that simply let's romney speak for himself while showing the faces of the 47%. >> the47th pe that will vote for the president no matter what, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled. they should take personal responsibili and care for their lives. >> seniors,venshe working poor, that's the half of america that romney is writing off. it's offensive. it's an offensive world view and on the campaign trail in virgin, president obama seemed offended by it. wiea write off y half the nation as a bunch of
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victims, who never take responsibility for their own lives. i know. i travel around a lot in virginia and across this country. i don't meet a lot of victims. i see harking virginians, i see students trying to work their way through college. i see single moms like my mom putting in overtime to raise their kids right. i seeenio cenin for retirement your entire lives. like jim whip said, i see a whole bunch of veterans who have served this country withravery and stinction andoldis who dend oedve single day and i see those military families who are wondering whether their loved ones are going to come back home safe and sound. that's who i see. >> that's who you se a vision of an america unitedy
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values, notivided by th it a passionate message and polls show it's resonating with the americanpeople. just take a look at this. it's remarkable. here's how the race looked before mney's 47% comment became public. some ups a d bra a pretty steady race. here's the race since the 47% video surfaced last monday. it's clear, it's a clear shift toward the president as amics leaore and mo w ieo americans. two candidates, two visions in this election. we're all in this together or you're on your own. ll job build jobs from the ttom up orar jobs.
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joining me from mother jones, he broke the news about this harvest video aeekft vitself. and michelle carter, washington correspondent for the newsweek daily beast. thank you both for joining me. >> thanks, rev. >> now, david, the romney campaign hasesndeds they said, quote, in addition to starting new businesses, mitt romney helped build bain capital by turning around broken companies, creating and sang thousands of jobs. the problem today is that president obama hasn't been abl to turn arod our ecomy in the meway. oha quote. but still that word harvest just sticks out, doesn't it? >> it does. and i have to say this tape wasn't surising. it's interting in some ways because it's not surprising. this is how pvate equity pele talk they loo atpa n i
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the long run, you know, how to build something the way steve jobs built apple and how it can be part of a community and go on and on and create jobs and survive and thrive. pfi poit at companies as sort weoo companies with hidden or potential value. we go in there, take a stake, try to manage them, and then harvest them for significant profits. now, as president obama has said, in some ways there's nothing wrong with that. newtgrhalle vulture capital lic capitalism. it's looking at a way of creating jobs, being a ske holder in the community and thinking about the long run. that's not what you're look at. mitt romney was just talking the jargon of someone who does private equity and it's just not -- at the same time, though, in the last year he's told us that he can create jobs and knows the economy better because of his bain cap pal experience. >> but michelle, let me ask you,
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harvest companies -- buy companies a harvest them, where can you even find the most generous stretch you can, find job creation? >> it i unfortunate imagery and it's a rarafied field and this is the downside to the way romney has made his entire campaign, kind of a referendum on obama' private sector experience, he talks up a good game, you know, kind of inflating what any president would be able to do on the job creation front. so, you know, you run across something like this and of course people are going to jump on it becae romney himself has made job creation and his ability to do that central to his entire candidacy. >> but, david, let's be fair.
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he does care. he, romney, has some compassion in an interview with nbc, he showed how he cared by promoting romney re look at this. >> don't forget, i got everybody in my state assured 100% of the kids in our state has health insurance. i don't think there's anything that shows more empathy and care than the people of this country than this kind of rerd. david, can y believe , ishowingis concern for people by bragging about romney care, which is the basis of obama care, than he has been attacking d saying that he would turn around, revoke right away. i mean, every time i think i've heard it all, ir me m he fact that he is finally embracing romney care shows how desperate he is. i mean, actually, it should have been a centerpiece of his campaign from the beginning. i know peoplwhose lives have been changed and almost saved
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thanks to romney care. itarusgrt' really worked quite well there yet he hasn't been able to talk about it because he wanted to run it as the severely conservative candidate and the base hates romney care. the fact that he's talking about it, to show that he ally does care about people, tells you at he has to sort of,nce ageb hamn for the 74th time. but now i think given what he said on the 47% take, the terminologthat he uses on the harvesting tape, he really is battling uphill,al abo w hhahaer time in t republican primaries but people would have believed that this was a guy who might indeed care about helping others have a better life. >> but michelle, isn't that the point, if he had ran on romney care, he would not have probably won the nominatn. ast ny say, michelle, that he he will do and adjust to whatever it takes to win, how do you then convince
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voters to trust you if you build this image that you are just a chge just to win? r eaalinthe primaries by his conservative competitors and then being we saw the etch-a-sketch comments, basically what he should have done, the minute the primaries were over, he should have embraced it then and had a lot way t kf being a nd wor h moderate centerist guy but he didn't probably because he was well aware of people accusing him of flip-flopping but now he's in sticky position wre he's got to do sethi to reouepntd moderates and yet he has spent so much time doing this hard line, he's kind of trapped by ippp wn ideological
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>> david, they use the 47% that you and mother jones first surfaced and it's caused a lot of republicans to even start doing a political moonwalk away from romney. goev gernor says about romney's 47% comment, quote, i don't agree with it. there's a lot of folks that i'm working extremely hard to get them unemployment and until they are employed, tre are many serv thaare in t needed. this is senator sandoval, a republican. people are understanding even in his own party how devastating this 47% tape you surfaced is . d the president has i on eowh conduct focus groups tell me that independent voters learned very quickly on their own about the 47% remark
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and fus gros said they brought it up on theirwn without being promed a man haaiateaen tho oncoider vong for mitt romney and even some republicans in the margi have had similar reactions. looking at what the romney campaign has done the last few days and that ad they put out yesterday or the day before in which romney says, y know, the president is a good guy that cares about the poor and middle class, just like i do, i just have better policies t. shows you that they have the exact same research. you know, you don't with a month out or a little more than a month out drastically change your strategynd yr oa annds pising the other guy unless you see tremendously negative disappointing data. and so it's just -- you know, the video speaks for itself. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. e video does speak for self. david corn,iclle cottle,
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thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> congratulations, again, mr. corn, on the tape. coming up, on the trail, the president keeps hammering away. plus -- >>ou always hearot a patriotism. well, you know what? it's time for a new economic patriotism. an economic patriotism rooted in the belief that growing our economy bens with a strong and thriving middle class. ,ro birthers to not understanding america, the smears have been rejected but they have a new plan of attack. it's not subtle and it' ugly. and mitt romney doesn't want m.orge w.ushnywhe nr but going to the cayman islands to talk investments wasn't what he had in mind.
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the story of the day coming up. > all that, plus samuel l. jackson is reaching out wh d llt iolsnn" on msnb >> mitt romney a week ago they were ready to count the guy out and now he's bounced back and he's on a bus tour in ohio. he's been working very hard kig baes foa. es foa.
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facebook yet? the "politicsnation" conversation is going l day long. and today our fans had a lot to say about the romney harvesting comment. lar sa,e'sevn bcreator. he's a profit harvester.
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our facebook family was happy about the voting in eye yeah. anthony says, go iowa. let's get this electiongog. we have a lore on ttir g e vote a little later in the program. we want to hear what you think, too. head over to facebook and search poins and like us "politicsnati and like us to keep the conversation going long after the show ends. it's always good o have a backup plan, it's always good ca gitbymete. o have a backup plan, wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. o need to get nasty. here's your "honk if y had an affa with taylor" yard sign. lookgood. [ male announcer ] fedex office. nowave 50% on banners. look! she wears the scarlet markings! [ man ] out! your kind is t welcome here! nor your odd predilections!
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[ man ] it's evil! if you'd try it, you'd know. she speaketh the truth! [ crowd gasps ] [ woman ] reverend? ♪ can i have some? ♪ news flash, folks. we found a job mitt romney could be just perfect at. he has the perfect resume and all of the right credentials.
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how about mitt romney accountant in chief. why? caushe knows how to find every single loophole and exploit every tax break in the books. and i think he should include this in his job application. a new report shows mitt romney avoided ping big taxes on a trust nd hetpn h children's inheritance. he did it in a trust fund called, i dilg it. i'm serious. that's what it's called. i dig it. now, you may not dig it but governor romney certainly did. saving hundreds and thousands of taxes according to bloomberg. that's the same kind of creative accounting that allowed him to t a 14.1% tax rate. and now his running mate says, it jt d'tef amera. >> ts money creates jobs so
6:20 pm
you'll want to have more capital that goes to more businesses, especially small businesses like this one so more people and what we learnedutt ey hix rne' suessf businessman. that's a good thing. >> ah, patriotism. this money creates jobs. prove it. show me one job, just one, that was created by romney paying less itaxes. the truth is, governorgoveor roey's ticre foamica. they are geared to the super rich. they help him and his wealthy friends. and they hurt the middle clas lsdi o and an msnbc political analyst and author of the new book, "what's the matter with white people, why we long for golden age that
6:21 pm
never was." first, lete thank you both for being here tonight. steve, is romney running for the wrong job? should he be the accountant in chief? >> the thing with this is, any politician who has to start answering questions over the xehagotoa their camnut meshes so perfectly with what democrats and president obama have been trying to say about the republican party in the republican party's priorities. the idea is the protector of this sort of privileged pampered super elite that's been iune jofeiax reat recession ts treatment, tngs like this, romney, when you start talking about a guy who pays such a low effective tax rate, he looks like the kind of person that republicans are trying to protect and the proof is in the pudding because there was a poll that jumped out at. they asked voters, do you think the candidate romney -- candidate obama understand and
6:22 pm
care about your problems? for obama the number is near 60%. for romney it's under 40. i think there's e image that he conyss makes it ver difftorpl relate to him. >> now, joan, the president's ad on romney's taxes,ver since he released his tax returns, the obama campaign has been highlightingow unfair our tax policies e. tch this. >> it's crazy that mitt romn wants to get into office and anhe ave >> i mean, these kinds of ads showing the kind of gap between what average americans pay on a percentage basis than romney than a continual revolution of
6:23 pm
opholes. the thini'sureare rt of why we're seeing him sink in the polls. >> if we can go back to i dig it, that program allows him to set up a trust for his children and his family and at a time worrnd tling pollsters s are that they don't believe their children are going to do better than they d, these are the strategy that he uses to make sure his children are multimillionaires without lifting a finger when their childr cannot get jobs. so in every ila tt eve referred to before, is this kind of empathy gap where people really don't believe that mitt romney can understand them, that he wants to help them because he doesn't think that he knows them. steve, on top of that, the economic policinstitute has me o wit a s o ey budgetnd they ha actually concluded that his judge jet kills jobs.
6:24 pm
a new study shows that romney's budget would cause aet loss of 554,000 jobs by 2014. >> ah. ll, fleed w u hane of advisers that have gotten into a thing where he's put it out there, if the numbers don't quite add up, we're not going to see the kind of tax reductions that we were talking about, maybe it's a lile flexible. now e caaign isa i 'vowathe nbers don'ad up. if you try to make them add up, there are disastrous consequences. romney is saying, if you elect me, you're going to get 12 million new jobs. well, the economy is onace to crea 1llion jobs ovethe xt fye ths mpro tre as well. the interesting thing to me is when you look at some of the other polling coming out right now, there's been a real change in the number of peoe willing to give obama credit for where the economy is right now, where it's going. his appral rating, his overall er% now. rating issitl
6:25 pm
>> and he's ahead of romney and the other thing, joan, is that the campaign of mitt romney planned on making this whole election a referendum on the president. it see like it's a refendum on romney a more importa an j ry,te represents. see, i think this election is not just about two personalities, two candidates, but it's two colliding ideas in this country. one built on building the rich and making them more profitae and triling down the rest of us, where they say it's coming and those that believe in a country that really is there for the average american. >> and the government -- >> that's what this is about. >> right. the government is either going to help the top 1% in the hopes ventgotoldhewill trickle down or mi css le itid in the '40, '50s, and '60s. another interesting thing happened, reverend al, a new study found that we can finally say for the first time that barack obama has created net
6:26 pm
jobs in this term. >> right. >> so the sa daye fi out at ry iin cos , see that president obama, en though when he took office we were lose being $750,000 -- >> which they tried to put on him. >> which they tried to put on him. >> even with tse hribljobs re a g oals steve cornacki, thank you for your time tonight. don't miss steve on "the cycle" right here on msnbc at 3:00 p.m. ahead, they said our president wasn't born in america. they said he apologizes for wy new smear. it wreaks of desperation. and bill clinton is talking about being president again. just not here. stay with us. >> i don'tet it, folks. how could romney be behind? e releasing bootlegs of his
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powerful trading tools for all. we put strategies, chains and positions t indathtipresby charles sc.
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>>we've seen a lot of former president bill clinton these last few months and sometimes it seems like he's missing his old job. it seems as he'starting to ildun president of ireland because of my irish heritage and because i was born in arkansas, which is part of
6:31 pm
the louisiana purchase, any person anywhe in the world that was born in a place that ve france for six months ch and speak french, you can run for president there. >> ooh-la-la, another run for presidency? but , the frenchules h changed and you need to live there for five years to gain citizenship and run for president. the rules are stricter than he thought in ireland, too. but word is out across the atlantic that president clinton might be job hunting and if clintonets a fdl ptinfrance, he might have to give some hope to another politician who may be looking for a job come november and this guy already speaks the language. >> bon jour.
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you get personalized services leoo for your family and your business that's 100% guaranteed. so go to today for personalized, affordable legal protection. we've talked a lot on this show about the ugly attacks from the right and just look at all they have done to try to smear the president. they have said he wasn't born in er toea, that he apologizes for understand american capitalism. they've compared him to nazis, rejeked.e sgl of course, now they have a new plan. they are saying president obama is a liar.
6:36 pm
yes, this is their big idea. karl rove writes, obama's biggesopponent is the true. quote, every day it seems he attets to dal h noent through deliberate and undeniable falsehoods. he goes on to advis romney, quote, romney must call out the president. you almost can't believe this. yo almtanhih a straight face. >> the president tends to, how shall i say it, say things that aren't true and in attacking his opponents andn that kind of cat'difficult to say, well, am i going to spend my time correcting things that aren't accurate or spend my time talking about the things i want to talk about? >> let me get this straight. the campaign that doesn't believe in fact checkers is talking about the truth.
6:37 pm
c rn id they can't run on their record. all they can do is this? joining me now is joe madison, nationally syndicated radio host and thank you both for being here tonigh tha yove. >> joe, first he was born in kenya and now they are calling him a liar. that's what they've got? >> and coming from an individual who storind whose campaign and surrogance have said, we don't care about facts. we don't care abo facts. this president has been fact checkefor, most last four years. i believe fact checking was created just for president obama. and i hope he does decide to
6:38 pm
spend his time correcting him because, quite honestly,ost people know what an incumnt est r has not done and what people want from a challenger is what are you going to do that will be better? >> well, alicia, ishe strategy here that they want to have roey aho president lies so much and is full of falsehoods that if he does well in the debates, you really can't trust what he is saying, therefore, he's not doing well and to givene the president so he doesn't have to deal with specific policy things that can be taken apart by the president? >> yes and yes. he is dealing with the joe wilson school of debate, something 've seen from romney before. heries to newt traizeis
6:39 pm
weaknesses by turning them against president obama. how much time it gives the obama campaign to prepare and to ji jut sue it. now obama can go into that debateeady to talk about the s apeof romney campaign, whether that be the mischaracterization of obama'sedication plan or obama who killed simpson/bowles. i think obama is goi to be able to say, you know what, s not istt let's not point fingers at one another. let's rise above it and each tell the american people what we are capable of. >> let me ask yothis, alicia, because we just had nbc wall street joual marist pl re ngu president is up seven points in new hampshire, up by two points in nevada and north calina. and in a poll released yesterday, up ten points in
6:40 pm
ohio, nine points in florida. thy we are seeing these desperate measures now? clean across the board, every poller is saying he's up, up, up. >> he's up and it's because of the various strategies because of theomney campaign have failed to work. initiay they were rning sn good guy and then he became a good guy who was just a little in over his head and couldn't get the economy back on track and now they are trying to make him a dhonest guy. they have seen that there are other strategies have not worked. they've seen that en their basic economic attack on him is not enough to rise with voters so they are going to try to create confusion and division within the electorate as their only path to victory. >> now, joe, when you read the op ed piece by karl rove, he advises president to call the president out but he's very exact in how he ought to do it. he says, mr. romney can't call
6:41 pm
mr. obama a liar. that's too harsh a word that might backfire, that would backfire. mr. romney must instead set the estine, traight in respectful, but not differential. and a dash of humor is worth its weight in gold. >> yeah, what they are going to go for is the old reagan thing, show me --ou, w it, there you go again. and that's what they are going to go for except if i were president obama, i would come back and say, excuse me, you're not ronald rean and i knew ronald reagan. mean,ou know, i abte crazy. today we're going to have an nfl football game. can you imagine the opposing team giving the other team the playbook? i mean, he doesn't have that ma plays in the booko bin
6:42 pm
th nerou advisers are, in essence, giving the obama administration -- giving the obama debate team the play that they are going to run as if this president isn't going to be prepared to counter anything. i don't know what kind of caaign they areun and the last thing i would do is publicize my strategy in the first debate. >> i think you're right. >> the only thing i think more alarming about publishing your strategy before the date is that they are going at whatas enkoif m romney. i mean, just this week he's had to defend himself against accusation that he's been fast and loose with facts. look at this. >> we've been absolutely spot on and any time t's bn anhimiere it or remove it. >> so the fact that the media has called him on things that seem to be full of falsehoods,
6:43 pm
the irony here is that you're going to use that as your strategy? >> i thinkt's the only thing that they ve left that they believe they can put the obama campaign back on the defensive. i agree with joe. it's surprising that they are putting this forward and it has to be because in doing so they are now forcing the media to ask those qutions. you know, to fact check president obam to write these stories about how romney going to call him a liar, which then sort of deluge into something that takes over right now romney doesn't have any card to play. the last thing they can do is make americans believe that when ccs het amaalksbohe s, that he is simply lying. >> well, don't say that he has any more cards because there may be more tapes on obama at the rate he's going. joe madison, alicia menendez, thk you for your time tonight. >> thanks, rev. headheee hg
6:44 pm
tne campaign but when they told george w. bush to go away, they probably didn't mean go toll the cayman islands for an investment confence. and hundreds and thousands voting today in iowa. it's a big day for this election. stay with us. >> this ithe memur era. protecting that fundamental right, not just for this election but for the next generation and generations to come. ♪
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we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. it's a big day for this we're back on "politicsnation." have you guys ever heard othe onion? it's a newspaperhat does these hysterical stories. out some of the li terrified personal assistant tells clint eastwood. and another says, romney accidently introduces his family members by their third annual incomes instead of their names. and get a ld o this, george w. bush attends a key note conference in the cayman islands. you can't be serious. this is not an onion headline? it's not a joke?
6:49 pm
orusit b conference speaker in the cayman islands the week before the election, the week before the famous cayman runs for office? no. this is t an onion article but theshnelash cenly seems like one. bush as the doors as an elevator closes on him but whais not funny that romney wants to returno the same failed bush policies, the same wrong economic tieus w mind america about that one week before the election when he visits mr. romney's money in the caymans. joining me now, wayne slater, senior political reporter from the dallas morning news. wayne, thank you for cin on th shoght. >>at to be with you, reverend. >> bush heading to the cayman, what do you think of mi romy
6:50 pm
saidhen ead out is ni >> it doesn't sound like an onion headline, you wonder what is next, hauling your dog on the top of your car. this isomething that romney and his people do not want voters to be reminded of, that has millions of dollars through taxns including the cayman islands. and here's the former president showing up, reminding voters and t only is he showing up in the cayman islands as a remi deer, but he's going to be talking to exactly the same kinds of people dereladu tus yes and who attributed us getting in this big mess at the time. this is absolutely awkward is too kind of a word five days before the election. .> no, youtehi
6:51 pm
let's talk about the bush/romney relationship. arguing in an op ed today that romney should address bush, not ignore him. it says, ote, what romney has not done is address the major se t shadow of the george w. bush years. it has next to nothing to say about what bush era republicans got wrong. the result ishat romney appears to be saying that everything was going swimmingly untiob came along. yeah, and voters don't believe that. voters think that george w. bush deserves a sizeable part of the relationship f leavi a b nk ts exactly right. not only is it the right thing to do but politically, strategically it would have been a smart thing to do because romney doesn't like to talk
6:52 pm
about a lot of things, his taxes, religion, and in th , georgebush and t ecr heteho if, in fact, romney talked and had talked more about bush, even being critical of president bush, then i think he would have plotd wih ise. ouk onat republicans, they say they are not happy with george bush and romney would have resonated with him had he talked to them. >> it's no wonder can't answer that because his policies are just like push. rver bush, top two advers economic advisers served under bush and rnc official saying that the romney policies are the bush plans uated. how do you answer that? >> it is. a former bush sechwriter tol ha it tne administration would be the third term of a bush presidency.
6:53 pm
and you look at it not simply on the fiscal policies and certainly what he's talked about publly in terms of cutti taxes, deregulation, and so rth, sounds an awful lot a like that contributed to the economic woes but if you look at the foreign policy folks, there is a very strong neo-conservatism in there. i guess if you want a third term of george w. bush, revend, i ink u're righ thsuptld bring it to you. >> now, george bush is a very, very knowledgeable politician. easy elected to the presidency governor of texas. what is he doing? he knows the inference. what is he doing here to romney? >> you're right. he's very smart and politically savvy.
6:54 pm
the thing is, grge bush, i thk,oesn't really care. you make a lot of money at these kinds of speeches and frankly there's no love lost between bush himself and romney and george bush did not simply go to the republican national convention in tampa. the romney people did not want him to go, d n want voters and in a weird way this is george bush saying, fine, you don't want me there, i'm going to show up in the caymans five daysefore the election. >> ll, 'srevee. thanks for your time this evening. early voting kicked off in iowa today but many are bng suppressed. the fight continues, next.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all ve something very interesting in common. ..h epnowledge of their subjects.s... as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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6:58 pm
finally tonight, it's on. this was the scene a early voting got under way. hundreds and thousds showed up li setched down the street before polls even opened. iowa is the first swing state to hold early voting. by the end of the weekend, 30 states will be choosing their next president already. the l.a. timeseports more tha 45 million americans will take advantag of early voting, a record turnout. michelle obama rently spoke about the right to vote. >> we cannot let anyone discourage us from casng our ballots. we cannot let anyone let us feel unwell in the voting boolth. it's up to us to make sure in every election, every voices
6:59 pm
heard and every vote is counted. that's making sure our laws preserve that right. >>othing is stopping these people from voting. io doesn't have any voting i. lhe books. everyone can freely exercise their right to vote. as we've been reporting over the last two years, 17 states have passed restrictive voting laws that could suppress millions of americs. so we can't think that this election is in the bag. there's too much at stake. we can't sit at home and depend on others. we've got to come out. we've me too far to stop voting now. voting isn't a privilege. it's a right a right that pe er a died for we

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